Maki!hello! I am ellie/meki/maki. I use she/her pronouns and I identify as pansexual. I am very friendly and I do not bite! mixed fictionkin, schizo + auti-hd. Keep scrolling for my rules.

 before you follow  I say slurs I can reclaim, I make kys/kms/die jokes, I have anger issues, i talk a lot about my interests, I stay muted in vcs sometimes, I block freely, I can be sensitive, I use emotes to describe how I feel, I get stressed easily.

 do not follow if  No DNI, Just don't be weird/creepy.

 notes  Don't expect me to be online 24/7 I have a life + school. please don't vent to me or give me ur life issues. (unless we friends)

 my likes  Sleeping, Days off, My friends, Cats, Cute stuff, Gaming/Rhythm Games, Spending money, Hot showers, Comfy clothes, Hyperpop Music, Anime.